First of all, I am getting tired of answering the same question in private messages over and over so I'll do it here once and for all; YES, the picture in my profile is me. It was taken right before leaving home to go to a Venetian masque ball, less than a year ago. So yes - the picture is of me, and it is recent. 

Ok, let's move on to WAY more important things!


Welcome to Lotheriel's fan fiction page. I write (mostly well researched) stories about the original family of vampires based on the Vampire Diaries, where I enjoy playing around with the nasty psychological side of things, as well as historically correct back stories. I am also Swedish and I don't have a lot of inhibitions, so when the story tells me it wants to go graphic sexual, I let it =) On that note:

I DO get explicit but I do NOT write slash. I have no issues with the gay community, so hopefully the gay community has no issues with me being straight ;) In my stories I allow my x-rated mind free reign and things are sometimes far from vanilla, but always mainly straight (there may be some experimentation ;)). In my inner canon the Originals are strong, powerful beings who are not bound by modern day inhibitions, but main preference is still M/F. If u are looking for a story centered around Elijah or Kol doing the naked mambo with each other, Jeremy or Damon, you are in the wrong place :)

A relaxed Elijah, showing a softer side.
(Well, it's actually Daniel  Gillies on the red carpet, but let's ignore that for the sake of fiction;))
As of now I only write TVD. I'm a huge 'Original junkie' and I ship all of them with pretty much anyone. I am building a whole canon in my stories. These are all set in the same universe - not necessarily an AU, I'm just expanding on details the show doesn't show us so far.If you enjoy BAMF original action and are not opposed to smut, you will likely enjoy my fics. Otherwise, most likely not :) I am also open as a beta reader.

I started this blog because fanfiction dot net thought I was getting too explicit and deleted my story "the joy of the hunt". Funnily enough, this was hands down the story with the largest following. So ff.net wants something other than their users want, apparently =)

I will be putting all of my stories here, but right now I am working only on getting The Joy of the Hunt in place. Look at the links to the right and start reading :)

Elijah / Anyone/Me -
He's just too hot for words. I will write him with anyone, but I only truly ship him with, uh... myself. In my dream Elijah's soul mate is *me* =)

I'm massively impressed with Daniel Gilies acting skills, as I do not feel anywhere near as attracted to the actor as I do to the character. Somehow Daniel becomes more good looking than he normally is when he embodies Elijah. So far I have written Elijah with an OC, Elena and Jenna. More perhaps to come.

Kol / Kitten - Is it wrong of me to ship Kol with my own OC? :)
I didn't use to like him, but the way some authors take his personality and run with it is vastly enjoyable. This paragraph should be taken personally by hazelheart93 on ff.net. If you haven't read her Kolena stories, you SHOULD! In fact, Kolena or not, you should read anything she writes - she rocks, bigtime =)

Klaus / Anyone/Caroline -
Just as with all the brothers I don't mind reading about him with pretty much anyone, but if I was to write Klaus I'm assuming it would be with Caroline.


If you came here looking for the unedited TJoTH, deleted by ff.net for being too explicit, use the links to the left to read 'The Joy Of The Hunt' in it entirety. Other stories will also make their way here, eventually.

Be aware that TJoTH in it's unedited form is both deeply psychological and uninhibited erotica. On this blog I have embellished the chapters with both formatting and images. Some of the images could be considered offensive That is if you forget the fact that you are (on purpose) reading a vampire fiction BDSM story. So - erotic images should not offend you unless you live in the land of denial. Hello Pot, I am Kettle ;)


Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to anything related to The Vampire Diaries, I am only having fun with some of the characters. 

I do not make any money out of my stories, either directly or indirectly. The occasional linked ad-word on this blog is put there by Blogger and I neither reap benefits nor have figured out how to remove them, if that is even possible.

In short, this is fanfiction. Elijah is God and I am his prophet
(Sorry Daniel, it's not you, it's your character!)


Anonymous said...

I haven't read your story yet, but I too find Daniel Gilles so incredibly hot as Elijah and just Okay in other time! So I totally get it! :)

Are you happy he's been casted on the new spin-off? I am overjoyed!

Anonymous said...

can you update the joy of the hunt please?

Anonymous said...

I love this ff so much :D. I was feeling very down when they killed off Kol, but in the amazing world of fanfiction, everything is possible and nothing hurts (and everything is more logical). I have to admit, I don't have an account on FF.net, and I haven't commented on your stories, even though I really should have. Well, let me do it now: your stories are AMAZING, and I encourage you to keep writing. The characterization is perfect, the description of events, feelings, and thought processes are very well balanced. If only we had this on TVD :(.