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Chapter 3 – Punishment – The Real Idea

As he reaches his study and pours himself a generous glass of quality bourbon, Elijah sight contently to himself. His little one fell asleep about 20 minutes ago, he waited until he was sure she was in deep, dreamless sleep before carefully unwrapping her limbs from his body and getting out of the bed. He sent her a fond, possessive smile before exiting the door. His little one, she has so much potential, he's glad he found her.

It's been years, decades, since he last indulged completely in this side of his personality, one he shares with all his siblings, as far as he knows. Maybe this also mirrors the differences between then and now, he muses. He would never have thought to refer to himself as a dominant lover as a young man. Not because he was not, but because it would not have occurred to him that there was any other way for a man to be.

He likes his little one, he really does. She was surprisingly and delightfully responsive to his ministrations. He was not looking for a pet when he found her, having pets is more Kol's thing, sometimes Klaus's (and Rebekah of course, although her pets are a different gender). Finn and he rarely took one. Oh, it happened, but his pets were few and far between.

His little one, she came in to his life right when he needed to feel in control. His general control slipping was an extremely rare occurrence, but he thinks he may have a good excuse for losing his equilibrium when trying to handle his mother, dead since a thousand years, first revived and then revealed to be out to exterminate her children, but not before mind-fucking them all into believing all she wanted was family, a weak point to them all as family had been the only constant the last millennium. So, excuse him if he was a little bit off his game right now.

After they had managed to break the spell that would kill them all, but not catch the culprit (his Mother, no Esther) or her helper (his brother, no Finn) Niklaus alone had stayed in the pathetic little town, guarding his precious doppelganger like his life depended on it. Strangely enough, that was the very thing that allowed Elijah to leave. There was nothing left for him in Mystic Falls, the hurt and the guilt was threatening to suffocate him. But Niklaus would not allow the doppelganger to be seriously hurt, and so Elijah felt the way was open to retreat and heal his wounds, secure in the knowledge that Elena would be kept safer without his presence than if he was there.

There is a muted knock on the door, just a single rap, quiet enough to be missed without his enhanced hearing. He did not question who this would be, no tension or fear. He had missed his little brother and had asked him to come live here for a little while. Yes, Kol may be anything but in tune with the modern times, but he was still Elijah's baby brother, and where others saw insanity or megalomania, he saw a youth from his own youth, with the values imprinted in them then, which had never adjusted to the world a whole millennium later. Kol was not crazy. Kol was not a psychopath. Kol was a violent, outgoing warrior, the younger brother in a leading clan who was expected to lead the men and show great courage, and uphold the family's honor, not to be socially skilled, he was expected to die young and gloriously. He had been told from as early as he could understand words that he was better than his prey, that he belonged to a special group, better, more worthy, the leaders, the predators. It should come as no surprise he still believes it. In any case, Kol was still his baby brother, his responsibility and – now when both their parents were gone- his charge. He is beginning to bring him into this new age, with all the gentleness necessary to not frighten the wild horse that is his brother.

He opens the door and stares at his brother's face for a moment, reveling in seeing him still alive after losing Finn so violently and suddenly. Kol stares back at him, the same emotions mirrored in his eyes.

'Hello brother, welcome Home.' Elijah decides to step out on the limb and trust in his brothers' love, saying the words and opening his arms in greeting. Kol stares at him suspiciously for a moment, trying to read his face, until finally deciding to take things at face value. His posture relaxes and he looks so very young, falling into Elijah's arms and returning the bear hug his oldest sibling bestows on him.

"Thank you, brother, it is good to be home. May I ask entry and welcome into your house and home?" The age old warriors greeting slips from his tongue as if it was yesterday he spoke it last, when in fact the words had gone unspoken for nearly nine centuries. He chooses the formal wording, as if he was not known to the lord of the area. Elijah knows it is from respect, and worry, and decides to calm his brother in the most complete way possible.

'Of course brother', Elijah replies.' My house is your home, my hearth is your heat, my lands are yours to roam and hunt. Please, step inside and stake your claim.' he concludes, with the closest, warmest most open invitation their society allowed, telling Kol without a doubt that he was welcome for as long as he wanted to stay, and that whatever Elijah considered his in this place, he considered his brother's as well.

Elijah is rewarded with the sight of his younger sibling relaxing, giving him another quick hug before walking into the house, the codes of the olden days followed and now no longer necessary. All that needed to be said has been, no further convincing is necessary – their family bond has been affirmed and for the first time since being un-daggered, Kol allows himself to feel 'home'. Elijah never betrayed him. If his eldest brother claims he is safe, he is safe. Kol has no doubt about this.

A few minutes later Kol is seated in the Winchester leather couch across from Elijah, one arm carelessly flung over the back of it, the other holding a tumbler of 55 year old whiskey.

"So, brother, what have you been up to since leaving that dreary little doppelganger town?"

At the thought of Elena and what he put her through, Elijah's brow tenses for a split second. Kol luckily misses it, and Elijah goes on as if his pained reaction never happened.

'Well, when we stopped Esther and lost Finn, I really just felt like I needed to get away. I have spent the last millennium trying to be the rock in this family…' "and succeeding", he hears Kol mutter under his breath, but it doesn't stop him 'and I had just reached the end of my rope for the moment. Sometimes even a man of stone has to let loose, Kol' he grins at his younger sibling.

'So, how does a man of stone let loose, brother? I'm intrigued, tell me!'

Well, on my way back to this safe house from Mystic Falls, I felt so wronged, so suddenly out of control, I know you recognize this feeling Kol.’ The younger brother did, he had felt it himself, but more than that he recognized how much more painful it would have been for Elijah to feel out of control, his eldest brother had always prided himself on never losing the reins of action for even a second.

Half way here I took a break at a road side bar. I was hungry and I walked in looking for a snack.’ Kol raises his eyebrows at this; Elijah has attempted not to feed from the vein for quite some time now. He guesses their mothers’ betrayal must have upset his eldest sibling even more than he thought.

There she was, a pleasant distraction. She’s easy on the eyes’ a wide grin splits Elijah’s face. ’I was thinking of taking her then but decided against it. Then, when she left the bar group of seedy looking characters followed her. I got curious and went after them to see what happened. You know me, I’m a nosy SOB’ Elijah chuckles.

Hey, you learned another three letter abbreviation!” Kol laughs

Elijah ignores the remark and continues I walk out the door , and then I see her. Really see her.’ He sighs contently at the memory. ‘She is so angry that she’s not even afraid. Cussing and screaming at the men around her. She intrigues me, I don’t know why. She’s just a human.’ Elijah shakes his head in confusion. ‘So I took her, of course.’ What had happened to her previous captors was implied and did not have to be expanded upon. Elijah had fed well that night.

You’ll see her soon so you will know what I mean, but she is such a petite, fragile little thing. She looks like a porcelain doll. Even at that first moment I could imagine the feeling of her surrendering to me.

Are you falling for her, brother?” Kol is scandalized.

'Dear god, no!' Talking to his baby brother about his inner turmoil born from having found 'her', at a time when she is still unavailable to him, is not an option at time. He'll focus his story on his little one, whose only reason for being here is to distract him from 'Her' after all. She is doing her job really well, at this point.

'Anyway, I didn't really stop to consider.' Kol is in shock, the very thought of Elijah doing something on a whim just feels… wrong to him. 'I just grabbed her and brought her home with me. I guess her value is two-fold. I've been denying myself the opportunity to indulge in our preferences for far too long; pining over women I can't have, so god knows life owed me a good fuck. And trust me when I say this, Kol, she *is* a good fuck.' He cannot stop his satisfied Chester shire grin from spreading all over his features. 'That's her first use'. He continues 'The second is how having her here and beginning to teach her is really loosening my inner knots. I was hardly even aware how much I missed it….'

He takes a deep breath. 'I finally let go yesterday, you know. Maybe I shouldn't tell you, baby brother, but I did.' His eyes drift away and gets lost in a pleasurable memory.

"Let go?" Kol asks hopefully, already knowing the answer but wanting to hear him vocalize it.

'Yes, let go.' Elijah confirms. 'I had kept her here for a week, until I started smelling her arousal slightly every time I stepped into a room with her. Yesterday I snapped. I have been feeling helpless for too long, so I brought her to a new level, finally deciding to truly try her potential. You know I don't allow myself this relief very often Kol...'

He does know, he has often thought it would do his sometimes highly strung brother good to dominate, and then worship a girl more often. It is his preference after all, so why does he deny himself? Kol sees no reason good enough to deny himself anything.

Kol holds his breath, hardly needing to talk. Or being able to, the thought of his brother fucking this mystery girl senseless fills his mind. "And?" he asked "What is your conclusion brother?"

There's a new game
We like to play you see
A game with added reality
You treat me like a dog
Get me down on my knees

Elijah breaks out into a wide grin, providing all the answers Kol needs. 'My conclusion is, she is one of the best candidates we've had in a long time. She's such a small, delicate thing, looking ready to break at the slightest pressure yet tougher than you could ever believe. Her skin is like porcelain and her body is perfect, just small.' He grins 'She's like a little doll, a perfect little toy. I call her my Little One.' He pauses briefly before continuing, knowing Kol will know the rarity of his next statement 'And she can take all of me, however hard I give it to her.'

Kol raises a questioning eyebrow at his eldest sibling "Really?" He's beginning to get curious about this new doll his brother has acquired, but he knows better than to be interested in anything or anyone where Elijah has laid his claim. 'Yes, really' Elijah sighs contently, the very breath of air he exhales telling the story of how pleased he was with the experience.

'I initiated her this evening' he says, with a satisfied smile 'Tried a few things to gauge her reaction. She is still passed out upstairs, in our special room' He swallows deeply; Kol can feel the sexual fulfillment radiating from his brother. 'She was… more than adequate…' his brother states. 'A rare find and one I stumbled across at that.'

"So," Kol snarls slightly. "She's worth working on then. Good for you!" He's beginning to lose his cool continually talking about this girl that he will not be able to touch. Really, what is Elijah's game here?
'She is feisty, my little one' Elijah ignores his tone and continues, a note of pride entering his voice. 'This of course could make the breaking process harder and more prolonged. But she's easily aroused and this night also made it crystal clear that she is a natural submissive; you should have seen her reaction to even light spanking. She is a perfect candidate I think.'

'The feisty ones are always the best, both to break and afterwards.' Kol agrees, gritting his teeth while trying to not be too bothered by the growing interest for this girl that his brother instilled in him. 'Anyway, you know I've always enjoyed pretty little things with sharp tongues, feisty is my preference.'
"Then you would certainly enjoy my little one" Elijah chuckles "So, brother. What say you? Can I interest you in participating with me in some obedience training?"

We call it master and servant
We call it master and servant

Kol feels his jaw drop at his eldest siblings' words, he was not expecting this. None of the Originals has ever been very good at sharing. But, the recent events where their mother tried to tear the family apart, eradicate it, had left them all wanting to re-tie their strong bonds. He could not deny that the process of breaking in a new submissive would be an excellent way of bonding, not to mention that Elijah usually had very good taste in women, so he does not doubt that this 'little one' is delectable. "Two masters, one slave-to-be?" Kol raises a dark questioning eyebrow at his brother "You would be willing to share your pet with me? Share the breaking process?" As Elijah nods he continues "Share a girl with my oldest brother?" he pauses for a second, looking very serious, before he can no longer hold his mask. A huge smirk slowly spreads across his handsome face as he locks eyes with his eldest brother, his hero.
"I'm in!"

It's a lot like life
This play between the sheets
With you on top and me underneath
Forget all about equality

Elijah can't help but smile back at his brothers' reaction. It is all he had been hoping for and looking forward to since bringing his little one here and then inviting Kol to visit. He and Kol both know the magnitude of his gesture in offering to share this process. None of the Originals are good at sharing. And with this, him offering and Kol accepting, the strong re-bonding of their relationship is off to a very good start.

They sit in silence for a moment, enjoying the crackling fire and each other's company, both lost in their own thoughts, before changing the subject and talking about mundane matters. They both hear her approaching long before she is in sight of course, and when she pats in on naked feet through the door to his study Elijah turns to her with a wide smile.

'Ah! Little one! I'm glad you are awake! Let me introduce you to Kol, my youngest brother.'

He is happy to see her wrapped in his favorite La Perla negligée, a full length, kimono style silk robe made almost completely from meshed fabric, leaving little to nothing to the imagination while still giving the impression that she is not entirely naked. The image is extremely erotic and he is pleased with her choice, pleased with her. The black mesh contrasts beautifully with her extremely pale, flawless skin and the whole vision makes it very clear that she, despite her petite frame, is not so much a girl but very much a woman. It also leaves her vulnerable, without the armor of covering clothing, something she seems to be very aware of at this moment, judging at how she cringes slightly under his appreciative scrutiny. His cock comes to life and begins to harden, despite the complete satisfaction from only a few hours ago.

Glancing at Kol, he sees his brother scan the girl from top to bottom and back up again, his features schooled into complete impassivity, his eyes cold and emotionless. Kol has always been a master at this, enjoying the added sense of fear his apparent inhumanity brings out in the prey, and they are rewarded immediately by a whiff of fear coming from the girl, he eyes widening slightly and her arms wrapping tighter against her body, trying to cover her private parts.

Only because Elijah knows his brother so extremely well can he tell how pleased he is, how the image of her is affecting him. It is in the momentary tension of his shoulders, the almost there smirk as his gaze passes her torso and hips, and of course in slight movement of the fabric of his black jeans. Elijah chuckles to himself; Kol is most definitely not disappointed, quite the opposite.

'Kol has a crucial role to play in my next idea, and has gracefully agreed to participate in its fulfillment. We will have so much fun!'.

Let's play master and servant
Let's play master and servant

"That is quite the delectable little pet you have acquired, brother." Kol rises slowly from his chair, stretching his limbs languidly like a big cat. Where Elijah reminds her of a great lion, especially when purring, Kol is most definitely a lethal Panther. 'Both great cats' she murmurs under her breath and shivers, feeling more like prey with every passing second, but of course they hear her perfectly.

Elijah turns to his brother 'It will not change what I call her, but you can name her if you wish, she has not been named yet.' Kol nods, appreciating this added gift and inclusion.

What? Of course she has a name, he just never uses it! She wants to argue violently but Elijah's attention switches back to her. 'What was that, little one? Great cats? Well, I guess in a way it is an apt comparison.' Elijah chuckles and briefly allows his fangs to elongate without his eyes changing at all. When he continues to smile widely, fangs showing clearly, the likeness to a great, sleek predator is even more uncanny. Come to think of it, he is a great, sleek predator. Her eyes widen in fear but she tries to stand her ground. 'I HAVE a name! Don't try those scaring tactics on me, mister! What could you possibly do to me that you haven't already done?'

Kol lets out a brief sharp laugh, a split second later he is right in front of her and she didn't even see him move. He strokes his finger lightly across her cheek, a crooked smile playing on his inhumanly handsome face. 'Oh, if you only knew little pet, if you only knew. I like your fire though, kitten's got claws!' He cocks his head to one side, a thought striking him 'Well, if we are great cats and you're the pet, I guess it is fitting for you to be my Kitten. Yes, I think I like the sound of that. What do you think, Kitten?' he licks his lips and smiles affectionately at her, like a man playing with his favorite pet. She is enraged beyond belief.

'I think you can go back to the hell you come from, asshole, I don't belong to anyone! Least of all a couple of sick, twisted vampires!' As the angry words tumble out of her mouth she realizes almost immediately that she has made a grave mistake, crossed an invisible barrier. Both brothers visibly tense and their smiles drain from their faces. She tries to take an involuntary step back but is stopped by Kol's iron grip around her jaw, his expression now anything but affectionate. Her knees start shaking. Oh man, she is in so much trouble now!

'I apologize, brother' Elijah says between slightly clenched teeth, embarrassed at her behavior. Some fire is enjoyable; straight up insubordination is totally intolerable. ' I did mention to you she is in need of obedience training.'

'That you did, and so she is. It is only natural at this stage though.' Kol nods at his brother. Turning back to her he raises an eyebrow 'Come now, Kitten. That is no way to speak to your betters. I think we need to trim your claws a bit, so to speak' he smirks at her and takes a step back. She is Elijah's find and, even though he was invited to join and even name her he still needs to let his brother take the lead in this phase. It was Elijah's doll that was out of line and it is his choice which direction to take this.
Elijah does not stand up and go to her, he calls her to him with a 'come hither curl' of his index finger, his face a stone cold unreadable mask. Only his eyes hold emotion, controlled anger. His gaze holds her soul in an unbreakable grip and her shaky legs start walking towards him almost outside of her control.

He pats his leg lightly and, when she makes no move to sit down, swiftly raps the backside of her knees with his hand, causing her legs to bend and her to ungracefully plop into his lap.

It's a lot like life
And that's what's appealing
If you despise that throwaway feeling
From disposable fun
Then this is the one

He shakes his head in disappointment, studying her, and she can't believe her own emotions. Why does she feel unhappy to have disappointed him? He is her abductor, her rapist, her torturer. What on earth is the cause of this feeling in the pit of her stomach that she wants to make him happy and not be the cause of his disappointment, ever again. She shakes her head violently to try to get rid of the unwanted feeling, until he captures her jaw between two fingers in an inhumanly strong grip. His eyes bore into hers.

'Tsk tsk, my little one. You were doing SO well and then had to go and disappoint me, embarrass me in front of my brother. That really will not do at all.' While he gazes at her she sees his features gradually harden, he almost seems to grow right before her eyes until she feels completely dwarfed and overpowered in his lap. He continues, his tone of voice colder and his manner one that bears no discussion.

'It is time to for you to learn your place, little one. You were doing well taking the first steps last night, I was proud of you, but your behavior right now shows clearly that I have not been firm enough with you. I have apparently allowed you much too much freedom. I blame myself somewhat so now it is time to correct that.' She shivers all over, having no idea what he is talking about but feeling confident that whatever it is will not be pleasant for her. Still, the thought of fighting him is not a possibility. She has gotten herself into deep enough trouble already and is desperate for some damage control. Also, there is that strange little voice in the pit of her stomach that still tells her she, incredibly, wants to please him.

'Yes, it is time for your true Initiation. Before this some more leeway was allowed. From now on, the only words I want to hear out of that pretty little mouth of yours is "Yes Master", and only in direct response to an order. Any attempt to say anything else will receive swift and escalating punishment.' He chuckles to himself as an exception to the rule strikes him and he feels the need to vocalize it 'Moans, groans and pleas for more are ok though. Now, do you understand me, little one?'

"Elijah, why do you.. OW!" her attempted argument is cut short as his hand flashes out to tweak her left nipple. Hard! 'Now, now, my sweet, that was neither a moan, a plea nor a Yes Master. Do not make me correct you again. It will become increasingly prolonged and unpleasant for you. Now, do you understand me, little one?'

'Yes' she manages to force the three letter word past her lips, but he doesn't seem happy. Instead he arches a perfect eyebrow and looks expectantly at her. 'Yes what?'. She can't believe he's making her do this, say this, especially in front of his brother! But, his expression leaves no room for doubt about the consequences if she doesn't. She grits her teeth and forces the words out; 'Yes, Master', trying her best to make the title sound like a four letter word.

He ignores her tone and instead beams at her, softly stroking her cheek. 'Good girl! Now, that wasn't so hard, was it?' A slight blush touches her cheeks at his words. WHY does his praise make her feel good?
Why oh why can her burning skin feel where his fingers passed long after they left her? She silently hates herself for the emotions he stirs in her, but can do nothing to stop them. She bends her head and promises herself to try her best to get this over with as painlessly as possible. Innocent as she is, she still has no idea what she got herself into.

Domination's the name of the game
In bed or in life
They're both just the same
Except in one you're fulfilled
At the end of the day

'That's better!' Elijah beams at her, his whole demeanor towards her changing when she does what he tells her and her posture is submissive. 'Now, to continue the ground rules; You are to treat my brother exactly as you treat me, right down to following his every order and addressing him only as Master.'

He pauses for a second and his visage hardens momentarily 'I will not have you embarrass me before him again, understood?'

She cannot quite hold back a sob, but manages to make her vocal chords work 'Yes, I understand.' In a split second she is turned over on his lap, the robe pushed up over her hips and the palm of his hand striking her exposed buttocks, repeatedly and hard. The pain shoots through her as her lower cheeks start glowing and she yelps loudly from the shock and the pain. After 10 blows Elijah ceases spanking her and trails her fingers over her bright red cheeks. Just like yesterday this, embarrassingly enough, sends waves of lust through her body, causing her to gasp again. What is happening to her?

'Now, little one, what did you actually mean to say?' Tears are threatening to escape her eyes but she tries to hold them back, realizing that his rules are to be taken quite literally. Taking a deep breath she steadies herself, as much as is possible when still placed face down over his lap and responds 'Yes, Master.'

Let's play master and servant
Let's play master and servant

Like magic her robe is again covering her and she is back sitting in his lap, although the position is now somewhat more uncomfortable due to the burning sensation left by his spanking. He smiles at her fondly and strokes her hair 'Good girl. You're learning, I really prefer to not have to punish you for such unnecessary digressions, so easily avoidable.'

The warmth of his smile breaks through her last defenses and she throws her arms around him to bury her face in his neck, sobbing uncontrollably. He rocks her back and forth, strokes her hair and whisper sweet nothings in her ear as she cries. She feels unbelievably safe in his arms as he comforts her. 'I know it is difficult,' he whispers in her ear 'but this is what you were born for. You just need to surrender.'

Her feeling of comfort increases as she feels another warm body against her back, other gentle hands stroking her arms, her hair, and her neck. A sweet, sensual scent of quality after shave and the smell of pure masculine man fill her nostrils as she turns her head around to bury it in Kol's strong arms. The two of them work together to envelop her in a cocoon of safety and for the first time she begins to seriously consider it.

'All you have to do is surrender.'

Let's play master and servant
Come on, master and servant

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